Born of the love we have for bikes and our determination to promote urban cycling and sustainable tourism, eco-friendly.

Every day we have a guide available (Miguel) to do with you, for FREE, a bike tour from the CENTER OF LISBON to BELÉM. The tour lasts 3-4 hours and has a maximum limit of 12 people. The only fee is € 5.00, which is used to pay the costs of booking and renting the bike. Every day we make two tours, one at 10 am and another at 2.30 pm.

Miguel, the author of this project tells us about his motivations and why he created the “Free Bike Tours Lisbon:

Since I was a child I ride a bike in this city, which I know as the palm of my hands. So, because I love this city and I love to show it, it was born the idea of making this city known to all who visit us. Also because I believe that all of us could contribute to the construction of a better world, I decided to do it through an ecological way. And for this reason it appears – the bike tours. I also wanted everyone to be able to participate – and for that reason, these tours are free. So, the first Free Bike Tours Lisbon was born.

What I propose in this tour is to get to know the city center of Lisbon, the banks of the Tagus River, which has wonderful landscapes, and the historical area of Belém where the most important monuments of the city are located.

In this free bike tour we also to make known the history of the city, its most important historical moments and how it developed.

Above all, I want everyone to have a fun and unforgettable experience in my city and this tour will help everyone to love this city.

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