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    Posted by Angelo| April 17, 2018 |Reply

    Hola Buenas Tardes ┬┐Como puedo enviar mi Curriculum Vitae? Estoy Buscando trabajo como Ayudante de Recepcion.


    Alcaro Angelo

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    Posted by Ray| March 9, 2019 |Reply

    We booked online one of your tours. The bike tour is ” Free Bike Tours Lisbon-Center of Lisbon to Belem”,

    When we bike we always wear a bike helmet.

    We see on the above tour that it includes the bike but no mention of a bike helmet.

    Is a bike helmet supplied and if not can one rent a bike helmet just before the bike tour starts and how much does this cost.

    If you do not supply a bike helmet and also you do not rent a bike helmet ……can you provide more some details if we would be travelling busy roads or side roads with little traffic so that we can decide if this this tour is suitable for us. Thank you!!!

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      Posted by mxara| March 9, 2019 |Reply

      In Portugal, it is not mandatory to wear a helmet, so if the client wants to wear a helmet, they must bring it.
      Best Regards

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